NGSilver's Adult AMV Archive

    A while back I sat down and looked at my collection of adult AMVs and realized just how difficult it was to find them. While will allow you to put up entries in their database for adult videos, they however do not allow them to be hosted locally. There really isn't a set in stone place for creators to host their adult videos.
    This got me thinking. I've got server space and plenty of bandwidth. I also make adult AMVs. Why don't I give something back to the community and be that one host people have been needing? And thus, this site was born.

    The rules are quite simple. Within this site you can access videos that are 'too hot' for the .org's local host. This includes all things that can get your video removed from their servers, such as:

  • Pornographic Videos (excessive nudity, hentai, sex scenes)

  • Ultra-violent Videos (excessive graphic violence, decapitations, innards, ect)

  • Anything else that may be possibly be rejected (I will make decisions on a video-by-video basis)

    If you have a video that falls under this category then my service is just the thing for you. All you need to do to get your video hosted on this site is to contact me via email at ngsilver [AT] or send me a PM on's forums. You will need to get the video to me somehow. There are many different ways to send your video and I also offer an FTP method, which I will send details about when asked.
    Within a short period of time after receiving a video and all the required information I will get the video up and send the link to you. If you are going to put your video information up in the .org's database be sure to include your link as an indirect link.


    Not an AMV creator but know of adult AMVs you think should be added to the archive? Contact me and I will see about getting them up. I am looking to create a near complete archive of adult AMVs and every little bit of information I can get will help. Drop me a line at ngsilver [AT]


Enough with the talking and TAKE ME TO THE VIDEOS!!!

This page is copyright (c) 2006 Nathaniel Silverthorn for NGSilver and Friends Productions. The videos hosted on this site are the property of their respected creators. The videos are also fan created works and are in no way affiliated with the companies who created the origional source material.